The Clear Quran – English / Arabic


Many Muslims will be sad to say they have not read the Quran cover to cover. The Quran can feel intimidated with many translations being outdated in their language and hard to reflect upon. Quran Legacy’s chosen Quran is the Clear Quran.

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To achieve accuracy, the translator has made use of the greatest and most celebrated works of old and modern tafsir (Quran commentaries). For clarity, every effort has been made to select easy to understand words and phrases that reflect the beauty, flow, and power of the original text. Along with informative footnotes and surah (chapter) introductions, verses have been grouped and titled based on their themes for a better understanding of the chapters, their main concepts, and internal coherence.

This translation has been officially approved by Al-Azhar and endorsed by ISNA and the Canadian Council of Imams and praised by many scholars.

The Quran Legacy will not only help develop a new outlook on how families should interact and build upon their relationship with the Quran but all sales from the product will be going into supporting and funding dawah projects in the UK.

This Dawah initiative has been created by the volunteers at 1Eid Celebration Committee, registered charity number: 1144566

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