30 days of change is upon us


Imagine if someone offered to come to clean your home, organise all your things and take away your junk! Ramadan is coming so let it come clean your heart, organise your prayers and take away your sins.

Below are 6 manageable tips to help you get the most out of Ramadan without overwhelming you. 

 Replace old habits with new ones

Ramadan is a great time to press the reset button and set
your new goals. If you don’t manage to pray your sunnah prayers make this a
goal. If you don’t give voluntary time make it your goal. You don’t need to go
crazy and make lots of charts and check lists, just pick at least one new thing
that you will dedicate to become a new deed you will continue to carry on after

Alternative give up a bad one by replacing it with a good one.

Make Ramadan about connecting

The word salah comes from the root word wasl, which means
connection. Therefore, when you stand in prayer you need to be working on
making a connection with Allah swt. This means understanding what you are
saying when standing, bowing, and prostrating to truly feel the connection of
salah. Qiyaam ul Layl is an amazing opportunity to practice understanding and
reflecting on the words in your prayer.

Read the Quran in your language

This goes without saying, if you haven’t read the Quran cover to cover in your own language then this is the month to do this! The book that changed the world isn’t a light read and will open both your mind and heart in a way you can never imagine. Quran Legacy has all you need to connect your heart with the Quran with journals and Qurans for adults and children and a Juz a day course to guide your study.

Create a Jamat

In Jamat, meaning congregation, there is Rahma, meaning
mercy, and creating a Jamat is important to keep you motivated for 30 days. Try
and make efforts to go to the masjid. For mothers, create a masjid in your own
home with your children, close friends and/or families. You can spend the time
reading the Holy Quran together, a mini reminder or Qiyaam. Doing it together
will encourage consistency.

Make promises

The month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, so seek it. Make some promises to yourself about real change. This will be challenging as its about taking accountability and really looking at what you want to improve about yourself. Seek forgiveness from Allah swt for your shortcomings and ask Him to help you overcome them.

Make Dua

17 times a day we say ‘ you alone we worship, you alone we seek help’. Make yourself a dua list that you can easily use for the 30 days of Ramadan! Nothing is beyond the limits of Allah so put down all your pains, worries, aspirations and dreams and vocalise them to the one who say ‘ ask and I shall give’.  You can join are daily duas from the Quran series that will explore the stories behind the most powerful duas. 

You can do this, take each day as it come and each day as an opportunity to build your connection to your Lord. 

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